CONTOPHARMA «Contaview aberration control 1day UV»

With the new “aberration control system” it is possible to improve vision quality when compared with conventional contact lenses. The difference is in the design of the front surface. Over the complete gradient of the aspheric front surface curvature the lens is optimised as to strength and the thickness adjusted to flexibility at the corresponding correction. The goal is not only to correct low order aberrations, i.e., spheric visual defects, as well as astigmatism but also to go a step further – the reduction of the “spheric aberration”.


The following products are available:

  • CONTOPHARMA "Contaview aberration control 1 day UV" Box of 30 dailiy disposable contact lenses
  • CONTOPHARMA "Contaview aberration control 1 day UV" Box of 90 daily disposable contact lenses

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CONTOPHARMA "Contaview aberration control 1 day UV"
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