About us


General approach by Contopharma

With novel care solutions and marketing concepts we aim to be flexible and meet any new needs and situations on the market. It is important for us to simplify contact lens care and to keep prices for the end users low, but without concession to the effectiveness of the products.


Contopharma is a Swiss medium-sized company that stands for “from the middle-class for the middle-class” and furthermore values autonomy. Our clientele includes ophthalmic opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologist, who - with their know-how and potential as contact lens specialist - take on a leading role for the future.


What we do

Contopharma offers a great variety of contact lens care products and other products for the specialist. All solutions are manufactured according to European standards and GMP guidelines.


The active collaboration of declared specialists on the development of new solutions, as well as external test centers for clinical trial, enable a profound improvement of formulations and safe applicability for the end-user.


The cosmetic brand CONTABELLE for the care for face and hands completes our offer. These cosmetics are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and have been developed without animal testing.


For contact lenses in the “high volume”-field, types of contact lens and designs had been chosen which established themselves successfully in the market. With this private label the integration into the whole corporate identity image of CONTOPHARMA, and therefore a sustainable added value for the contact lens specialist have been given.


Further accessories for the contact lens specialist are available, and the range of products is constantly being expanded to meet requirements. We attach great importance to short procurement times and long-term supply security.


Our goals

Contopharma stands not only for competence and quality but also for sensibility to the needs of the market and the contact lens specialist. It is the professionalism with expertise as great importance which we support, not just a particular field of activities.


We aim for controlled and well-balanced growth and want to stay an independent and innovative partner for contact lens specialist.


Where to find us

Our address in Switzerland:


Development and distribution of pharmaceutical products

Eichzun 7

3800 Interlaken



Tel. +41 33 827 90 00, Fax +41 33 827 90 09

E-mail:         info@contopharma.ch

Internet:       www.contopharma.ch


Our address in Germany

CONTOPHARMA Deutschland GmbH

Development and distribution of pharmaceutical products

Schillerstrasse 36

88453 Erolzheim Bad. / Württ.


Tel. +49 7354 8734, Fax +49 7354 2789

E-mail:         info@contopharma.ch

Internet:       www.contopharma.ch



Represantatives abroad:

-  Germany

-  France

-  Greece

-  Italy

-  The Netherlands

-  Austria



Eichzun 7
CH-3800 Unterseen

Telefon  +41 (0)33 827 90 00
Fax       +41 (0)33 827 90 09


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