Marketing-tools for the specialist regarding sustainability of Swiss products for the care of contact lenses




Marketing-tools are provided to the contact lens specialist that gives evidence of the sustainability of contact lens care solutions manufactured in Switzerland.


It is important for us to simplify contact lens care and to keep prices for the end consumer low, however, without concession to properties and effectiveness of the products on offer.

- Contopharma is a Swiss medium-sized com-pany that stands for “from the middle-class for the middle-class” and furthermore attaches great importance to autonomy.

- Our clientele includes ophthalmic opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologist, who with their know-how and potential as contact-lens specialist take on a leading role for the future.

- For ecological reasons Contopharma avoids fancy containers and packaging for our care solutions and products whenever possible. Bottles and labels of our products are being manufactured from a novel, environmental-friendly plastic and can be disposed of without creating incriminating gas.

- Sustainability, also regarding short transportation distance from manufacturing to distribution, is a major concern of Contopharma.


The different marketing-tools are particularly suitable in the contact lens fitting room and the sales area, as well as outside on the sidewalk in front of the company as eye-catcher.

By the versatile proposal the interest of the end consumer can be stimulated and thus a higher attention is target-orientated obtained. 

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