CONTOPHARMA «Contaview premium toric UV»

With the novel and particularly well-tolerated BioLens® material “Vitafilcon A” of the “Contaview premium toric UV” Contopharma has succeeded in developing a monthly lens that is absolutely biocompatible.


To recreate the positive properties of the human cornea in a lens material, bioidentical materials were integrated into a synthetic polymer composite, making the “Contaview premium toric UV” an especially well-tolerated contact lens.


Due to the high water-binding ability and the excellent wetting characteristics, the lens is also recommended for sensitive and dry eyes.


The following product is available:

  • CONTOPHARMA "Contaview Premium toric UV" Box of 6 contact lenses

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CONTOPHARMA "Contaview Premium toric UV"
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