CONTABELLE Handsoap-and care


The Contopharma Contabelle product line offers care products that facilitate the optimal wearing comfort of contact lenses in every regard.


Cleansing hands with moisturising soaps leaves lipid residues adhering to the contact lenses, primarily when the contact lenses are no longer even and smooth. Additional environmental substances as well as cell debris and other debris in the tear film may be deposited on these residues while wearing, which can impair the wearing comfort due to the reduced wetting ability of the lens surfaces.However, cleansing hands before handling contact lenses is imperative. Therefore, it is best to do this with hand soap that has been specially developed for this application.


It is evident, particularly in the hygiene and cosmetics fields, that the incompatibility of individual products can impair the wearing comfort of contact lenses.


The following products are available:

  • CONTABELLE hand soap 150 ml
  • CONTABELLE hand soap refill pack 500 ml
  • CONTABELLE hand care 75 ml

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