CONTOPHARMA care system «tab in one»

The user-friendly dual-phase care system is intended for use to disinfect, clean and store contact lenses.


The contact lenses are disinfected and cleaned by the peroxide solution. The microbial catalase in uncoated tablet form neutralises the peroxide, producing rapid, safe conditioning with optimal wetting of the CL surfaces. The relatively brief processing time allows reuse of the treated contact lenses after just 2 hrs.


The "tab in one" peroxide system is recommended for the care of all standard types of contact lenses, especially soft, hydrophilic contact lenses.


The following products are available:

  • CONTOPHARMA peroxide-solution «tab in one» 250 ml
  • CONTOPHARMA peroxide-solution «tab in one»  3 x 250 ml
  • CONTOPHARMA peroxide-solution «tab in one» 100 ml
  • CONTOPHARMA «tab in one» blister containing 15 tabs 
  • CONTOPHARMA «tab in one» contact lens-container

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CONTOPHARMA peroxide-solution "tab in one"
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