CONTOPHARMA cleansing solution «i-clean»

The ideal cleaning solution for contact lenses of all types. Due to the special ingredients, a very efficient, long-lasting removal particularly of heavy deposits of foreign substances on the contact lens surface is achieved. The “i-clean!” cleaning solution must be thoroughly rinsed off with an appropriate solution before inserting the lens into the eye. In addition, soft hydrophilic contact lenses should be stored 1-2 hours after cleaning or overnight in an appropriate storage solution.  


The somewhat watery cleaning solution for contact lenses of all types produces a stronger mechanical cleaning performance than a “soapy” cleaner, even without any abrasive components. Thus a mild cleansing effect is obtained, primarily for contact lens types with specially treated and/or coated surfaces. Due to the considerable cleaning efficiency increased wearing comfort of the cleaned lenses is achieved.


The solution is recommended for all currently available rigid gas-permeable as well as soft hydrophic contact lens types and is especially suitable for the care of different contact lens types with the same users.


"i-clean!" is the result of intensive research collaboration conducted with highly qualified contact lens specialists. The new solution is a synthesis of practical years of experience relating to contact lenses and their care and the persistent efforts to keep the care convenient for wearers. Yet this is achieved without making any concessions in terms of safety and comfort for the eye and contact lens system


The following product is available:

  • CONTOPHARMA cleaning solution «i-clean!» 30 ml


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CONTOPHARMA cleaning solution "i-clean!"
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