CONTOPHARMA care solution «simply one»

The special tensides and hyaluronic acid ingredients achieve an optimising cleaning and disinfecting action in the care of contact lenses and also an optimum wetting of their surfaces.


A multifunctional solution that cleans, disinfects, rinses and maintains as well as wetting, and all this is achieved in one product. The universal comfort solution “simply one" makes the contact lenses comfortable to wear both immediately and long-lastingly. The regeneration of the cornea is enhanced for contact lens wearers.


“simply one” is particularly recommended for all common soft hydrophilic replacement system contact lenses for planned replacement intervals from several days to three-month usage.


“simply one” is the result of intensive research carried out together with recognised contact lens specialists. The new solution is a synthesis of practical years of experience with contact lenses and their care, together with the tireless endeavour to make the care of the lenses as simple and efficient as possible for their wearers. This is achieved without compromising the safety and comfort of the eye and the lens system.

The following products are available:

  • CONTOPHARMA Universal care solution «simply one» 100 ml
  • CONTOPHARMA Universal care solution «simply one» 250 ml
  • CONTOPHARMA Universal care solution «simply one» 3 x 250 ml
  • CONTOPHARMA Universal care solution «simply one» 2 x 360 ml
  • CONTOPHARMA Universal care solution «simply one» 360 ml

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CONTOPHARMA Universal care solution "simply one"
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